Campari is one of those spirits that both Charlie and I love. A Negroni or even just Campari with orange is my go-to when not drinking Lillet with orange, on those rare occasions when I do drink.

Not much of a drinker in the first place, it takes a delicious cocktail, a rather special wine, or a deeply delicious aperitif like Lillet or Cocchi Americano to convince me to stray. These are not easy to come by in most places. Even more difficult in quarantine and lockdowns.

Video edited and digitized by Aamir Rabbani

This cocktail that Charlie made in a jiffy, hit the spot, and is most refreshing and inspired, Easier than easy too.

Get the best Bourbon you can find. Charlie loves is with Woodford Reserve the most, but we were feeling too lazy to get it out of the cabinet. The Michter’s Small Batch was just as wonderful as I remember the one made with Woodford Reserve. Have some other Bourbon, do not hesitate, try it, I am sure it will be delicious. Of course we all have our favorites, and now you know Charlie and mine.

The key is to get your cocktail glass chilled. Ours were wonderful crystal cut glass from Dev Now @

And to shake the Vermouth, Campari and Bourbon quickly so as to not dilute the beauty of the spirits with too much water from the ice.

Tasty, flavorful, sweet, sharp, spicy, warm, mysterious and slightly bitter - this is a cocktail that is most adult and with a sexy sophisticated feel to it. Perfect to lift the fatigued spirit and mind, and take you to places of happy comfort.